The Value of an OpenBox Smart Locker

The pandemic has spurred on companies to find new ways to do business, make operations leaner and reduce health risks. And as consumers demand contactless and more efficient means of procuring necessary items, smart lockers have become a crucial element for many businesses, multi-family units, libraries, and more.

How It Works:
1. Customer receives an notification message with easy-to-follow instructions.
2. At their conveniece, they can authenticate themselves either infront of the locker or remotely.
3. The designated locker automatically swings open for the customer/designate to complete the pickup/drop off operation.
4. Throughout the entire operation, the sender and receiver are updated with the last status and the audit logs are updated.

Use case Scenarios

  • Retailers and Manufacturers of small to mid-size orders offering customer pickup.
  • Couriers needing last mile delivery/package handover
  • Grocery/Home Shopping (cold lockers )
  • Food Deliverers (insulated lockers)
  • Mobile Food Trucks
  • Condominiums without concierge services
  • Pharmacy Order Pickup
  • Car Rental Drop Off Locations
  • Library checkout and return
  • Benefits of using Smart Lockers

  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Alleviate in-store congestion density
  • Customers no longer bound by opening hours, imposed restrictions
  • Better use of resources
  • Contactless delivery/pickup
  • Touchless operation using the mobile app - no need to touch the keypad screen or the locker door
  • Openbox Solutions will provide you with a turn-key solution for your locker implementation including services such as

  • Work flow consideration
  • Site inspection
  • Locker Design, Fabrication and Installation
  • Customisations and IT integration with external systems
  • Staff Training