Tech Details

The smart locker with its embedded server, communicates with the customer via email or instant messenger and keeps track of all delivery operations for audit purposes, including user photos. It can be fully customised to suit your work flow, back-end systems and compatible on-site surveillance equipment.

Embedded Hardware

  • Operating System: Debian/GNU Linux
  • Interfaces: 4"-12" Color touch screen, Audio,
  • Integrated Camera: Pinhole 5MP camera for Photo and QR Code Scanning
  • Integration capability: Internet email, Messenger App, Third party delivery system/database (e.g. For Customer contact information, delivery notification, etc),NO alarm input enabled CCTV camera
  • Maximum number of locker banks: unlimited
  • Maximum number of addressable locker nodes: unlimited
  • Connectivity: Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Locker Management Software

  • Implementation Model: Single business, Owner operated, Single or Multi Tenancy
  • Graphical Dashboard Elements: Status of Locker contents, Serviceability, Delivery Status. Hardware Status: Load Ratio, Door Position, Temperature, Uptime
  • Interface: Web Based
  • Delivery Types Supported: Inbound, Outbound, Transit
  • Logging: Timestamp of operation, photo of user with overlay operation details
  • User Auth methods: Timed andomised generated 8 digit, mobile app, QR Code Scan, Mobile activated opening
  • Remote Management: SSH over VPN
  • Delivery Operations: Setup Delivery, Modify Delivery, Abort Delivery, Confirm Delivery, Purge all Lockers
    • Features:
    • Variable locker reservation time period
    • Delivery management via mobile app
      • Initiate a package drop off
      • Finish a package pickup
      • Extend delivery time
      • Abort package pickupy